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  1. Apr 10

    Fun palaces

    In the late 1950s Joan Littlewood and architect Cedric Price began considering the idea of a...

    Enterprise, Innovation

  2. Mar 31

    Innovation needs a bit of crazy

    Let's allow space for innovation in the non-profit sector

    Enterprise, Innovation

  3. Mar 17

    Saving money by doing the right thing

    'Economies of scale' in public service delivery are failing people and wasting money - public services should be local by default

    Enterprise, Innovation, Localism, Speaking truth to power

  4. Mar 11

    Community anchors and core funding

    Lloyds Bank Foundation to offer new core funding for community anchor organisations like Locality's members


  5. Mar 5

    When councils get it right

    Our top 5 tips on how community groups can work effective with their local council

    Collaboration, Yorks and Humber region

  6. Feb 27

    Top tips – how to get in the local press

    How can local community organisations get stories in the local press?

  7. Feb 11

    Campaigning for change or being “too political”?

    It was really disappointing that on 30 January the Commons voted to remove two Lords amendments...

    Policy, Public sector cuts, Social action, Speaking truth to power, Work programme

  8. Feb 4

    Our Place: Drawing on the past, to create stronger places in the future

    OPM worked on the Community Budgets pilots and are supporting Locality and the LGA as delivery...

    Our Place

  9. Feb 4

    Making sure every community can benefit – BME communities and the Localism Act

    Some events really inspire and leave everyone involved feeling like they have been part of starting...

    Community Rights, Localism, Neighbourhood Planning, Our Place

  10. Jan 30

    Building character

    This week I joined a meeting with Jon Cruddas, the MP from Barking who is leading...

    Policy, Speaking truth to power