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  1. Aug 24

    How your neighbourhood can have its own community allotment

    You can use the community rights to start an allotment, or protect and existing site

  2. Aug 20

    Community-led housing can provide decent affordable homes

    Locality's members are tackling the housing shortage at grass-roots level with community-led housing - building and managing housing to provide decent affordable homes for local residents.

    Community housing
  3. Aug 12

    Withy Baths – in at the deep end

    Want to save a community building from closure? Local people in Withington, Manchester rescued their beloved swimming baths, with a mixture of energy, enthusiasm and 'slightly unhinged determination'

    Assets, Innovation
  4. Aug 11

    Saving allotments with the community rights

    To celebrate National Allotment Week (10 – 16 August 2015), we are looking at how the...

  5. Aug 3

    Why the public sector can’t care how we want it to

    Malcolm Fallow from East Durham Trust on why we have a nation of frustrated teachers and health service staff who know the solutions but can't apply them

  6. Aug 3

    Check out the Locality Convention venue!

    Our 2015 convention is being held at the seriously stunning St George's Hall in Liverpool. Here's a sneak peak from our visit last week

    North West region
  7. Jul 31

    The end is only the beginning…

    This month sees the end of the Community Organisers programme at Locality. We're proudly passing the baton over to the Company of Community Organisers (COLtd) who'll be taking the movement forward

    Community Organisers
  8. Jul 27

    Neighbourhood planning officer is local community’s hero

    Her local community said 'thank you' to Community Planning Officer Natalie Cockrell by nominating her for a Locality Public Sector Hero Award

  9. Jul 24

    The history behind the community centre

    This week we've been celebrating Community Centre Week - here's our short history of how community centres as we know them today first developed

    Social action
  10. Jul 17

    Community Centre Week starts tomorrow!

    19 to 25 July is a week of celebration of the inspiring, responsive, amazing community centres around the country

    Social action