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  1. Jul 31

    The end is only the beginning…

    This month sees the end of the Community Organisers programme at Locality. We're proudly passing the baton over to the Company of Community Organisers (COLtd) who'll be taking the movement forward

    Community Organisers
  2. Jul 27

    Neighbourhood planning officer is local community’s hero

    Her local community said 'thank you' to Community Planning Officer Natalie Cockrell by nominating her for a Locality Public Sector Hero Award

  3. Jul 24

    The history behind the community centre

    This week we've been celebrating Community Centre Week - here's our short history of how community centres as we know them today first developed

    Social action
  4. Jul 17

    Community Centre Week starts tomorrow!

    19 to 25 July is a week of celebration of the inspiring, responsive, amazing community centres around the country

    Social action
  5. Jul 17

    Heritage in Neighbourhood Plans

    Neighbourhood planning expert Dave Chetwyn on how a neighbourhood plan can help protect heritage buildings in your local area

    Localism, Neighbourhood Planning
  6. Jun 26

    Sustainability Fund is a key chance for Locality members to get extra financial support

    The Government’s Local Sustainability Fund finally opened yesterday and there is £20m available to help community organisations facing financial challenges.

    Enterprise, Social finance
  7. Jun 26

    David Pennock – an appreciation

    David Pennock, who died on 13 February 2015, aged 83, made a considerable contribution to BASSAC,...

    Social action
  8. Jun 19

    A piece of paradise – community farms & gardens

    See our list of beautiful community-owned farms and gardens around the country

  9. Jun 12

    Community Shares – investing in what you love locally

    Community shares have funded some amazing projects - from Hastings Pier to the new stadium of FC United Manchester. Come along to the launch of the new Community Shares Mark in Manchester on 30 June

    Community shares, Innovation
  10. May 29

    12 gifs that show why we need to Keep it Local

    These 12 gifs show why public services are so much better when local organisations deliver them

    Keep it Local