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  1. Feb 4

    Positive Steps Thamesmead

    The Our Place programme, which Locality delivers on behalf of the DCLG, sparks a truly holistic...

    Keep it Local, Our Place
  2. Feb 1

    Policy and politics – our monthly round-up

    The key political events of 2016 so far - including government plans to demolish 'sink estates', concerns over the Housing and Planning Bill, and fears that changes to local government funding will hit poorer areas harder than ever

  3. Jan 13

    Paddy Bogside 1926-2016

    Steve Wyler, previously CEO of Locality and the Development Trust Association (DTA), pays tribute to Paddy...

  4. Jan 12

    Realising the revolution: making devolution work for people and communities

    If devolution in England is truly to work for people and communities, it must be more than just a technocratic exercise. It must be used to strengthen community involvement in local decision making

  5. Dec 18

    Spotlight on: disability

    I spoke to Locality members Equal Lives, who work with people who have disabling barriers, from mental health, to severe physical disabilities, and I came away angry at the two tier society the government is forcing on us

  6. Dec 18

    We’re sad to hear our partner CDF is to close

    We are saddened to hear that our friends and partners at the Community Development Foundation have...

  7. Dec 12

    10 community owned pubs for Christmas dinner 2015

    We've chosen 10 community pubs around England where you can enjoy a tasty Christmas lunch this December

  8. Dec 8

    Politics and policy – our monthly round-up

    Big news over the past month is the Spending Review and the Autumn Statement - find out how this will affect community organisations

    Keep it Local, Policy, Public sector cuts
  9. Dec 4

    How to screen a film for your community in 3 easy steps

    Locality members Open Cinema explain how you can screen a film for your local community this Christmas, in three easy steps

    Enterprise, Innovation
  10. Nov 20

    Want to screen films in your community centre or village hall? Open Cinema can help

    Open Cinema's online platform is specially designed for community organisations, to take the cost and complexity out of screening films for your local community

    Assets, Enterprise, Innovation