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  1. May 22

    From rubbish to riches: Recycling for social good

    These four community enterprises (all Locality members) are using recycling to do good not once but twice - by helping both the planet and their local community.

  2. May 5

    Locality’s community-led housing group takes off

    It always feels great to be in at the start of something with the potential to...

    Community housing
  3. Apr 30

    A week until the polls but we still need your help to Keep it Local

    The next few days are your last chance to help us get political backing for the campaign ahead of the General Election next week. We need as many people as possible to pledge to support Keep it Local and to write to their parliamentary candidates, urging them to champion local services.

    Keep it Local, Local by default, Policy
  4. Apr 17

    Lisbon communities doing it for themselves

    Local communities in Lisbon are fighting back against cuts and austerity by creating their own thriving enterprises

    Enterprise, Innovation
  5. Apr 17

    Manifest uncertainty

    The main party manifestos are out. So what does it all mean? Read our quick guide to the positives and negatives for community sector.

  6. Apr 13

    Across the Irish Sea

    Tony Armstrong went to visit some development trusts in Northern Ireland doing amazing work to bring change to their communities

    Assets, Enterprise, Innovation, Keep it Local
  7. Apr 1

    Locality membership costs just £75 a year and offers a raft of fantastic benefits.

    Here are our pick of the top five member benefits for spring 2015! 1. Access up to...

  8. Mar 23

    Keep it Local launches! Help us make a difference

    Locality is a network of nearly 500 member organisations with direct experience of how public services...

    Keep it Local, Local by default, Policy
  9. Mar 21

    How community enterprise is bringing Lisbon’s economy back from disaster

    Derelict buildings are becoming neighbourhood cafes and people from favelas are running IT classes - community enterprise is bringing hope and econimc green shoots to Lisbon

  10. Mar 9

    Tony Armstrong – My Brilliant Moment

    Tony Armstrong, CEO of Locality, talks to the Community Channel about why his first time on stage at a Locality convention was his 'brilliant moment'