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  1. Jul 28

    ‘Written in community’ the story of Incredible Edible

    Read the new book that tells the story of the growing worldwide Incredible Edible movement

  2. Jul 22

    Income Generation for Public Libraries: a Practical Guide for Library Service Commissioners and Providers in England

    Locality has worked with Arts Council England over a six month period to explore existing good...

    Enterprise, Innovation, Localism
  3. Jul 18

    July policy news – our must-read round-up

    The Cabinet reshuffle is the latest sign of election planning and manifesto ideas are now starting...

  4. Jul 11

    Likes and dislikes

    After almost fifteen years at Locality, and before that the Development Trusts Association, today is my...

  5. Jul 4

    A big year for Locality

    As Locality members reflect on the annual Policy Symposium at the end of last month, I...

  6. Jul 2

    Doing things differently in Dudley

    Two problems with one ingenious solution, brought about by community organising on a Dudley estate

  7. Jun 25

    Down-pipes and fiscal drain

    The #LocalByDefault campaign continues to gather momentum. Every day we have more comments about the importance of...

    Local by default
  8. Jun 20

    Have we forgotten what our public services are for?

    Public services should be about improving people's lives - not ticking boxes and meeting targets. Join our Local by Default event on 30 June

    Local by default
  9. Jun 13

    Should our local government be more like France’s?

    My home village in rural South West France, Tosse, only has around 2,500 residents, but 19...

    Localism, Policy
  10. Jun 9

    How Happy Buses have made millions of people happy

    Seoul's Tayo bus project has

    Enterprise, Innovation