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  1. Oct 24

    It’s time NHS services were local by default

    It’s refreshing that NHS England head Simon Stevens’ new five year plan is not just another...

    Local by default, Policy
  2. Oct 17

    Heritage assets: looking forward to a better future thanks to local community action

    Our new Pillars of the Community Guide is an invaluable resource for community groups and local authorities involved in transferring heritage buildings from council to community ownership.

  3. Oct 14

    We have the Power to Change

    Last month was an exciting time for anyone involved in community enterprise, as the Power to Change Roadshow brought together community entrepreneurs with amazing and ambitious ideas

  4. Oct 9

    So you want to run a community post office?

    Read our 7 steps to running a successful community post office, taken from the new report on community-run post offices, written by Locality and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

  5. Oct 2

    Power to Change gives confidence to small group with big ideas

    Sian from Love Withington Baths went along to the Power to Change event in Manchester and came away with inspiration and new confidence for her groups plans to save their Edwardian swimming baths

  6. Sep 25

    Have you lost your vote?

    Up to 15 million legitimate voters could lose the right to vote under the new registration system - make sure you're not one of them

  7. Sep 22

    Locality goes Local by default at the Party Conferences 2014

    Since arriving at Locality over the summer, I've been spending most of my time getting out...

    Local by default
  8. Sep 19

    5 fantastic community markets in Seoul

    From a market on a stairway, to one where you have to wash your dishes after eating, Seoul has some amazing community-run markets

  9. Aug 28

    Doing the right thing…

    It’s hard, for me at least, to believe that the Locality Convention is again fast approaching. This...

  10. Aug 5

    Meet Locality’s new CEO

    Tony Armstrong is Locality's new Chief Executive - find out about his plans for the future and why he applied for the post of Locality CEO