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  1. Mar 27

    London Estate Regeneration: Our response to the Mayor’s draft good practice guide to estate regeneration

    It is widely acknowledged that London is facing a housing crisis. Whilst the number of jobs in...

    Community housing
  2. Mar 21

    Transition Homes Community Land Trust: Sustainable to the core

    You hear a lot about environmental sustainability in relation to community-led housing projects, and rightly so....

    Community housing
  3. Jan 20

    Community-led housing: top of the agenda!

    Image: Saffron Acres community-led development Building housing for local people is a dream that probably crosses the...

    Community housing
  4. Oct 24

    Granby Four Streets – the importance of asset transfers to community-led housing projects

    Granby Four Streets is one of those projects that constantly comes up in conversations about community-led...

    Assets, Community housing
  5. Jun 20

    Community-led housing: turning empty properties into homes

    Leeds City Council is working with community-led partnerships to tackle the housing crisis

  6. May 23

    Leeds community-led housing: a shining example

    A tale of shared vision, trust and determination

  7. May 4

    Policy & politics – Locality’s monthly round-up

    Get the latest policy news for the community and voluntary sector - including how smaller charities have seen their incomes stagnate or fall, while the income of large charities continues to rise

  8. Mar 31

    Policy and politics – our March round-up

    Read our round-up of this month's most important policy news and how it affects the community and voluntary...

    Community housing, Policy, Public sector cuts
  9. Feb 1

    Policy and politics – our monthly round-up

    The key political events of 2016 so far - including government plans to demolish 'sink estates', concerns over the Housing and Planning Bill, and fears that changes to local government funding will hit poorer areas harder than ever

  10. Aug 20

    Community-led housing can provide decent affordable homes

    Locality's members are tackling the housing shortage at grass-roots level with community-led housing - building and managing housing to provide decent affordable homes for local residents.

    Community housing