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  1. Jun 2

    Locality visits the IFS Global Office in Helsinki

    From 1 July, Locality will be taking over the European Office of the International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres (IFS).

  2. Apr 28

    Serious about saving money? Join the Energy Action Group

    Locality members, you can save thousands on your energy bills by joining the Energy Action Group

    Enterprise, Innovation
  3. Jan 13

    Paddy Bogside 1926-2016

    Steve Wyler, previously CEO of Locality and the Development Trust Association (DTA), pays tribute to Paddy...

  4. Dec 4

    How to screen a film for your community in 3 easy steps

    Locality members Open Cinema explain how you can screen a film for your local community this Christmas, in three easy steps

    Enterprise, Innovation
  5. Nov 20

    Want to screen films in your community centre or village hall? Open Cinema can help

    Open Cinema's online platform is specially designed for community organisations, to take the cost and complexity out of screening films for your local community

    Assets, Enterprise, Innovation
  6. Aug 12

    Withy Baths – in at the deep end

    Want to save a community building from closure? Local people in Withington, Manchester rescued their beloved swimming baths, with a mixture of energy, enthusiasm and 'slightly unhinged determination'

    Assets, Innovation
  7. Jun 19

    A piece of paradise – community farms & gardens

    See our list of beautiful community-owned farms and gardens around the country

  8. Jun 12

    Community Shares – investing in what you love locally

    Community shares have funded some amazing projects - from Hastings Pier to the new stadium of FC United Manchester. Come along to the launch of the new Community Shares Mark in Manchester on 30 June

    Community shares, Innovation
  9. May 22

    From rubbish to riches: Recycling for social good

    These four community enterprises (all Locality members) are using recycling to do good not once but twice - by helping both the planet and their local community.

  10. Apr 17

    Lisbon communities doing it for themselves

    Local communities in Lisbon are fighting back against cuts and austerity by creating their own thriving enterprises

    Enterprise, Innovation