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  1. Jun 21

    Policy update // The Queen’s Speech 2017

    The Queen’s Speech was delivered today, amid continued uncertainty about whether PM Theresa May can rely on a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement with the DUP to shore up her minority administration.

  2. Jun 2

    Locality visits the IFS Global Office in Helsinki

    From 1 July, Locality will be taking over the European Office of the International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres (IFS).

  3. May 26

    Policy update // Election 2017: Manifesto for an Inclusive Economy released

    The general election campaign is now in full swing, and Locality has been working hard to...

  4. May 4

    My ‘lightbulb moment’ at the Power of Place event

    Anna Middlemiss, Deputy Director of Public Health at Wakefield Council, attended the Power of Place event on...

  5. Apr 27

    What we want for our members in the general election

    In a surprise to all of us, we’re now in the starting days of a general...

  6. Apr 20

    Policy update // Snap Election ’17 and Keep it Local in action

    Here’s a round up of Locality’s policy and influencing work, including our key priorities this month,...

  7. Apr 20

    General Election ’17: Our three key issues

    Barely a year since the vote to leave the European Union, the country will be going...

  8. Mar 26

    Reinvigorating the role of charities in public life: The House of Lords Select Committee report

    The House of Lords Select Committee on Charities have produced an important report that serves as...

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  9. Mar 16

    Policy update // The Spring Budget

    Last week the Chancellor delivered the Spring Budget. Whilst economic growth is higher than initially predicted, Philip...

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  10. Mar 8

    Budget 2017 response: Government must harness power of communities to meet its goals

    We were told not to expect any fireworks from the Chancellor’s first and final spring budget...