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  1. Nov 22

    Autumn Budget 2017 response: Government must harness power that exists within our communities

    We want to see the Government set out a clear strategy for how it will draw upon and strengthen the huge power that exists within our communities - convening government action, maximising limited resources and building strong local partnerships - so together we can create a fair society where every community thrives

  2. Nov 1

    Our new partnership with the City of Seoul

    On the invitation of the Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-Soon, we have had the opportunity to spend a week in South Korea, delivering a series of workshops and participating in a programme of visits and debates to exchange learning and help inform the development of Seoul's communities’ policy agenda.

  3. Oct 11

    Locality goes to the Party Conferences

    by Tony Armstrong, CEO Locality and Ed Wallis, Head of Policy With politics in flux and unpredictable...

  4. Sep 4

    Policy update // September 2017

    Updated with more news from the Policy team including our response to the Select Committee on Civic...

  5. Jul 26

    Policy update // July 2017

    News from our policy team on the progress of our Localism Commission, our Keep it Local...

  6. Jul 14

    More in common: learning & connecting with international community organisations

    Mark Law MBE, the CEO of Barca-Leeds, tells us about the invaluable opportunities the IFS has...

    Learning, Policy
  7. Jul 13

    From London to the world: a history of collective action to end poverty

    Julian Corner, the Chair of Toynbee Hall's Trustees, takes us through the history of the Settlement...

  8. Jun 21

    Policy update // The Queen’s Speech 2017

    The Queen’s Speech was delivered today, amid continued uncertainty about whether PM Theresa May can rely on a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement with the DUP to shore up her minority administration.

  9. Jun 2

    Locality visits the IFS Global Office in Helsinki

    From 1 July, Locality will be taking over the European Office of the International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres (IFS).

  10. May 26

    Policy update // Election 2017: Manifesto for an Inclusive Economy released

    The general election campaign is now in full swing, and Locality has been working hard to...