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  1. Apr 27

    What we want for our members in the general election

    In a surprise to all of us, we’re now in the starting days of a general...

  2. Dec 18

    Spotlight on: disability

    I spoke to Locality members Equal Lives, who work with people who have disabling barriers, from mental health, to severe physical disabilities, and I came away angry at the two tier society the government is forcing on us

  3. Aug 3

    Why the public sector can’t care how we want it to

    Malcolm Fallow from East Durham Trust on why we have a nation of frustrated teachers and health service staff who know the solutions but can't apply them

  4. Jul 18

    July policy news – our must-read round-up

    The Cabinet reshuffle is the latest sign of election planning and manifesto ideas are now starting...

  5. Jul 11

    Likes and dislikes

    After almost fifteen years at Locality, and before that the Development Trusts Association, today is my...

  6. Mar 17

    Saving money by doing the right thing

    'Economies of scale' in public service delivery are failing people and wasting money - public services should be local by default

  7. Feb 11

    Campaigning for change or being “too political”?

    It was really disappointing that on 30 January the Commons voted to remove two Lords amendments...

  8. Dec 3

    Locality policy update

    Latest policy news from the voluntary & community sector

  9. Sep 30

    Austerity – the true story

    When I began travelling the country in October 2012 as part of a Joseph Rowntree Foundation/Locality...