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Jul 14

Mentoring offer for Locality members


Corporate social responsibility is nothing new – there are many offers out there. However, Locality recently met Pilotlight who are keen to work with our members through mentoring.

Pilotlight has helped over 500 charitable organisations to go from good to great, become more resilient and deliver more effective and efficient services. They have worked directly with Welsh DTA members and many others.

They are keen to hear from medium-sized Locality members who need mentoring support linked to corporate social responsibility. This support offer is free!

Pilotlight are keen to get more reach, support the sector and help organisations prosper in challenging times. The following link provides you with more information on their offer.

Other examples of corporate social responsibility include initiatives run by Business in the Community, such as Pro Help, which connects business people with the right skills to support groups, and Business Connectors – where groups are networked to opportunities. For example, The Lenton Centre in Nottingham, which runs a swimming pool, has been introduced to Speedo to pitch ideas.

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