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  1. Dec 12

    12 days of community assets

    Across the country, communities are coming together over the festive period to celebrate and spread joy...

  2. Dec 9

    Locality ’16 Convention: the edited highlights

    So that’s it for another year. Locality ’16 promised two days of inspiration, innovation and fun – and we certainly delivered!

  3. Dec 8

    Commissioning in Crisis

    As the curtain comes down on a difficult year, a raft of hard-hitting reports have just been published which highlight the challenging times our country faces.

  4. Nov 29

    Locality calls for £1bn investment to support asset transfer

    An underwater disco at Bramley Baths in Leeds, which was transferred to community ownership in 2013 The community asset transfer movement will stall without investment, says Stephen Rolph.

  5. Nov 28

    Community resilience is vital in times of disaster

    This month we once again saw communities hit by flooding in parts of our country. We...

  6. Nov 24

    Locality in action // Meadows Partnership Trust

    Meadows Partnership Trust (MPT) like many Locality members have had plenty of challenges to deal with...

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  7. Oct 31

    Locality in action // Wilstockhub

    Wilstockhub had the bright ideas to positively impact their community, but needed an extra boost to...

  8. Oct 24

    Granby Four Streets – the importance of asset transfers to community-led housing projects

    Granby Four Streets is one of those projects that constantly comes up in conversations about community-led...

    Assets, Community housing
  9. Oct 19

    The Foxton Centre – a community garden for leisure and learning!

    “It was an eyesore, to be honest,” that's how Jeff Marsh, Chief Executive Officer at The...

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  10. Oct 11

    Innovation, inspiration and expert-led learning – why Locality ’16 is the not to miss community sector event of the year!

    I’ve often compared our annual convention to a big family wedding. It’s a huge get together...

    Convention, Learning, Membership