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May 26

Policy update // Election 2017: Manifesto for an Inclusive Economy released


The general election campaign is now in full swing, and Locality has been working hard to make our key policy priorities heard.

We believe that our members provide solutions to some of biggest social, economic and environmental challenges we face as a country. So we need to make sure that, whatever the next government looks like, it is committed to creating a supportive environment for community anchor organisations to do what they do best.

Our election pack sets out our key election calls that we want to see all political parties committed to:

  • Greater community ownership of assets: A £1bn Community Asset Investment Plan, to enable more community organisations to own and manage local assets
  • Continued devolution of power: A renewed commitment to devolving powers to local areas and giving more powers to communities
  • A fair deal for local organisations involved in public services: An end to the unfair treatment of local community providers and a stop to public bodies outsourcing to giant multinational organisations.
  • More housing owned or managed by community groups: A new wave of community-led housing, with the Government taking responsibility by providing capital funding and support.

Manifesto for an Inclusive Economy

We’ve also been working with our partners to amplify our voice nationally and engage candidates locally. Locality is a member of the Social Economy Alliance and we’ve collaborated on the publication of Manifesto for an Inclusive Economy, which makes the case for what the UK’s growing social economy can do for the country.

The Alliance has responded to all proposals set out in the main party manifestos, highlighting specific areas of interest for the social economy. We’ve also created a tool so you can ask your candidates to support the social economy in your area. By entering your postcode, you can find all your local candidates and quickly tailor and send an email which asks them to read our manifesto, support us on social media and visit organisations whilst they are on the campaign trail.

It’s really easy to do and a great way of making the social economy a key local election issue. You can find out all about it here and do let us know any responses you get, so the Locality Policy team can follow up.

Alongside this, Locality has joined with other key sector bodies to ask the next government to commit to engaging with civil society. We produced a briefing making the case that the VCSE sector is a principal driver of social change and economic growth in the UK, and the next government needs to make sure we are at the heart of their plans. The briefing made Locality’s call for investment in community assets one of its key example policies, alongside reviewing the charity tax system and reviewing the Social Value Act. As Civil Society News reported, the Conservative Party, Labour Party and Liberal Democrats have now responded and committed to working with us after 8 June.

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