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Jan 19

Adding Value to Wood Webinar

A Making Local Woods Work webinar dedicated to how to value your trees and timber, especially hardwoods, and hosted by Grown in Britain.

We import hardwoods from all over the globe and yet we have a vast amount in our own, often undermanaged, woods. Grown in Britain encourages woodland owners to look closely at their woods and see what might be ready to thin or fell and take advantage of the growing demand for homegrown timber and boost the health of the woodland at the same time.

We will be covering our tables that list prices for a full range of hardwood species and size and the assumptions that go alongside them, also a video which is designed for guiding how to plan, value and sell your trees. We will also be able to answer questions on Woodsure, Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) and Grown in Britain for those who want to add value to their fuel supply chains.

Event details

Date: Friday 19 January 2018

Venue: Online

Time: 10am – 11.30am

Booking: please fill register here, you will then be able to see the presentation, video and engage in polls and ask questions.

The webinar is an open and free event so please do attend and encourage others to join in too.