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Achieve more for your community with our hands-on support service

Support for community organisations

With a team of local experts across the country, we offer a support service for community organisations that helps to develop a clear plan for a sustainable future, where they can continue to thrive and create a fairer society for all.

From community-led housing groups to neighbourhood planning forums, we can tailor a bespoke package of support to an organisation’s specific needs and requirements.

Find out more about the areas of support that we offer here, or get in touch to have an obligation-free chat with one of our local team members.

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Support for local authorities and public bodies

We also offer similar bespoke support for local authorities and public bodies such as  covering areas such as community assets, community-led housing, local service transformation, developing social and community enterprises.

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Get in touch for an obligation-free chat with your local team member

We’re for local

Our team are located in key areas across England, with the local knowledge of networks and opportunities that are integral to community organisations. They are highly qualified and experienced in their fields.

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Saving community organisations


Lighthouse is an online diagnostic tool for assessing the current health of community organisations across six key areas, scanning the horizon for potential hazards and alerting you to areas that need your attention now to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of your organisation.

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Ready to throw you a life saver when financial difficulties strike – Lifeboat offers expert and confidential financial advice and support to Locality members – from a simple financial question, to a full financial strategy.

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