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Meet our team

The unique strength of our support comes from our consultants’ collective experience, over many years and in many different places.

Our consultants are selected from Locality’s staff, our members and similar trusted organisations. Their in-depth knowledge of frontline service delivery, practical experience, and professional expertise makes our team the very best in the sector.

Meet our team

Here are just some of our support team, based around the country:

Meena Bharadwa John Dawson Zoe Goddard
meena bharadwa John Dawson Zoe Goddard
Meena is based in the West Midlands and has significant experience of supporting organisational development, including service redesign and stakeholder engagement. John is based in Yorkshire and provides community enterprise, business planning, public services and community assets expertise to community organisations and public bodies. Zoe focuses on community regeneration and development and provides in-depth support and guidance to groups across the North West.
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Lorraine Hart  Peter Jones  Debbie Lamb
Lorraine Hart Peter Jones debbie lamb locality
Lorraine has over 20 years’ experience of community-based regeneration and environmental improvement from project design to implementation. Peter is an experienced community asset and development expert. He’s based in Cornwall and supports communities across the South West. Debbie is a highly experienced community regeneration and assets practitioner. She lives in County Durham and has helped many groups across the North East.
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Mick McGrath  Sophie Michelena Hugh Rolo
Mick McGrath  Sophie Michelena hugh rolo
 Mick has a background in social inclusion programme work, funding and direct support to groups through business planning and asset transfer support. He lives in Nottingham. Sophie is based in Leeds and has been providing in-depth specialist community asset and enterprise development support since 2009. Hugh is one of the UK’s leading experts on community finance and enterprise, with a career spanning both the commercial and voluntary sectors.
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 Stephen Rolph Jeff Scales Phil Tulba
stephen rolph  jeff scales  Phil Tulba
Stephen is one of the country’s foremost experts in community assets and the Community Rights legislation. He is Head of Assets at Locality.  Jeff has worked in the public, voluntary and community sectors over the last 20 years. He has a wide range of experience in supporting community regeneration and enterprise. Phil is a leading community enterprise expert helping community organisations to become profitable and successful.

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