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As a member of Locality, you will be part of the community sector’s most innovative, entrepreneurial and influential movement.

And you’ll receive a raft of benefits, designed to help your organisation grow and develop, and to save you money.

peer to peer learning voice and influence services

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Working together

Membership is a partnership. Our greatest resource and our greatest strength is our members. What we all have in common is our belief in our communities and our commitment to change through self-help, community enterprise and community asset ownership.

Within our membership there is an extraordinary reservoir of talent and experience. We need your help to ensure this unique knowledge base can be shared across the movement, disseminating learning and best practice, and encouraging government and other decision-makers to support our approach to developing community-led solutions.

This means a ‘give-get’ relationship: the more you give, the more you get. Together we’re all stronger – and that’s why we’re encouraging our members to look at developing joint business ventures with us and with consortia involving other members. It’s time to look at how we can do things differently – together!