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Jul 5

£30m Community Rights funding for local communities

Community Rights, Localism

Locality is pleased to announce that there is £30m in grants available to local communities under the Community Rights support service.

Watch a short film of Andrew Stunell, Communities Minister, announcing the funding at our assets conference in Hebden Bridge on 6 July.

£30 funding for local communities

The £19m Community Ownership of Assets programme offers grants to communities wanting to take control of a local asset such as a pub, shop, or library. The Community Right to Bid will help local groups to do this, and comes into force in the autumn, when this funding will become available.

The Community Right to Challenge has £11m of grants available to communities with ideas about how they can run a local service.

The grants programme is provided by the Social Investment Business. The Right to Challenge grants launched on 16 July – apply via the Social Investment Business website.

Free expert support

Locality and our partners are running www.mycommunityrights, a new site filled with information, inspiration and resources to help you make the most of the Community Rights. The My Community Rights online service supports you whatever stage of the journey you are at, whether you are getting started, looking for legal advice, information on a business case or have a specific question for a Community Rights expert.

It also directs you to a dedicated advice service with access to specialists in the Community Right to Build, Bid and Challenge, as well as in neighbourhood planning.

Follow the new service on twitter, or find it on facebook.

There are four Community Rights

Community Right to Build

The Right to Build gives communities the power to build new shops, housing or community facilities without going through the normal planning process. Read our Understanding the Community Right to Build guide and also find out how it works.

Community Right to Bid

The Right to Bid gives communities the opportunity to bid to buy and run valued local amenities if they come onto the open market. (In effect from autumn 2012). Get advice on owning and managing community assets including asset transfer which Locality has been supporting through the Asset Transfer Unit for many years.

Community Right to Challenge

The Right to Challenge gives local groups the opportunity to express their interest in taking over a local service where they think they can do it differently and better. Read the Understanding the Community Right to Challenge guide and find out how it works.

Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning powers give people the chance to decide how their local area should develop and what should be built.

Part of the Localism Act

The Community Rights are part of the Localism Act.

The Community Rights support services are funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Programme partners

The Commmunity Right to Build service is run with partners HACT and Urban Forum.

The Community Right to Bid service is being provided with partners The Social Investment Business (SIB), Local Government Association, assisted by delivery specialists the Plunkett Foundation, ACRE, Community Matters, Urban Forum and Anthony Collins solicitors.

The Community Right to Challenge support service is being run by The Social Investment Business (SIB) in partnership with Locality and ACEVO assisted by delivery specialists Social Enterprise UK, National Association of Local Councils, Urban Forum, National Council for Voluntary Organisations, ACRE and Community Ventures and Pulse Regeneration.