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Jan 31

Join Locality’s Energy Action Group


The Locality Energy Action Group is helping Locality members around the country make significant savings on their energy bills.

As well as helping save money on energy costs, the Energy Action Group (EAG) helps you reduce your energy consumption and also sorts out and simplifies the administrative processes.

Goodwin Development Trust

When Goodwin Trust engaged with the EAG they were struggling under the weight of almost 50 separate supplies and a shrinking budget to manage the demanding and detailed work of renewing energy contracts.

Within a short space of time, the EAG was able to simplify the administrative process, allowing Goodwin to replace their contracts with cost effective short-term contracts.

In the first 8 months of this project, the EAG has saved Goodwin Development Trust an impressive £40,000 to date.

The energy basket

The EAG’s first ‘energy basket’ saw 120 organisations pooling all their energy consumption (approximately some 33 million kWh) to negotiate cheaper energy prices.

Some of those members who benefited:

  • Bradford Trident – bills were reduced from £36,000 to £18,000 per annum
  • The Burton Street Foundation – improved its unit price for electricity with expected savings of £30,000 per annum
  • Dallow Development Trust – saved £1,437 per annum
  • Bootstrap Company – saved £14,467 per annum
  • The Finsbury Park Trust – saved £2,674 per annum
  • Manor House Development Trust – saved £3,190 per annum
  • St Werburgh’s – saved £2,304 per annum

For the full story on Goodwin and the energy basket, plus more news and info read the Locality Energy Action Group newsletter Jan 14

Get involved

To get involved or for more information email or phone 02920 190260

Visit the Energy Action Group website.


  1. John Havill

    Posted 02/02/14 at 1:21 pm  |  Permalink

    We a re acommunity owned and run social enterprise delivering sports and leisure services to the wider Gillingham community in North Dorset. We currently spend £85k on electricity and £5k on gas. Of necessity we have just renewed our gas contract through our current broker (Energy Services) but have some leeway yet with electricity. We expect to implement some energy saving measures on pool plant this year but need to make further savings .

  2. Kevin Bennett

    Posted 03/02/14 at 9:54 am  |  Permalink

    As a member of Locality we would be very interested in the energy action group and as to whether joining would be of any benefit to us.
    How do we go about finding out if we could make savings or not ?

  3. Bill Bowden

    Posted 07/03/14 at 10:05 am  |  Permalink

    We are a small Community Centre with Charity status and a members Social club that the Local council is transfering ownership of both to the residence located in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk We spend approx £800 a month on electric (No gas) and wonder if joining would benifit us

    • Jo Shardlow

      Posted 07/03/14 at 10:12 am  |  Permalink

      Hi Bill,

      the EAG offers a no obligation quote, and specialist advice. If you contact them they’ll explain how best they can help your group and you can decide where to go from there. Reach them at

      or by phone on 02920 190260

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