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Sep 15

A new member’s network just for trustees


Stuart Spandler, Chair of Trustees at Locality member The Goodwin Trust, wrote us a blog detailing his hope that Locality would build on its work with trustees in Yorkshire and Humberside to create “a Trustees Network to which every trustee of every Locality member can belong and like those of us up in Yorkshire and surrounding areas, share our thoughts and directly influence thinking on a national level.”

The fourth meeting of the Locality Yorkshire and Humberside Trustees Network in Leeds

Well Stuart’s wish has become reality! We’ve launched a new Trustee Network and this autumn sees two networking events specifically for trustees from Locality member organisations being held in Leeds and London. To celebrate, we’ve asked Stuart to chair both events.

“I’m delighted that Locality have given Trustees this opportunity to meet together and try and build a network of support for trustees which will be so crucial in what in our sector is becoming – an increasingly complex environment.” says Stuart.

The expertise of those from across Locality’s growing network of around 500 community organisations is phenomenal. Our member organisations are run with the help of brilliant boards, who work with great skill and subtlety – and for no financial reward.  Locality wants to create opportunities for those at the helm (but often wrongly perceived as being ‘behind the scenes’) to come together and share hints, tips, advice and support, to learn from each other and transfer experience, knowledge and skills.

We believe that the work of trustees needs to be better celebrated and valued and that board members need to be inducted, involved, developed and applauded. We want to help do that, but recognise there are lots of other organisations providing training and resources for trustees. So we would like to use our unique position to bring trustees together and do what they do on their boards – become more than the sum of their parts by getting their training the best way, less formally, from those in the know: their peers working in similar organisations across the country. Our new Trustee Network encompasses these aims, acting as the place for trustees to have a voice outside of their own organisations, and a real opportunity help develop and champion our work, all of which is designed to develop and champion that of our members.

Come and join us

Our initial national events are being held during the day, which we appreciate means not all trustees will be able to attend, however we hope to build on these events with future opportunities both locally and nationally and encourage trustees from member organisations to make links with others nearby and meet at times that suit them.

You can book now to join us at either of these events in Leeds on 11 October here and London on 2 November here, if you’re a trustee. Please share this new network with your organisation’s trustees, and get them on board!

Join the Trustee Network

If you’re a board member of a Locality member organisation, you’re welcome to be part of our Trustee Network. Please email us at  to join the Network. We’ll keep you informed of future meetings and look forward to meeting you.


  1. Natalie Pinnock-Hamilton MBE

    Posted 27/09/17 at 1:25 pm  |  Permalink

    What an excellent idea

    • Bec Speidel

      Bec Speidel

      Posted 28/09/17 at 10:47 am  |  Permalink

      If you’re a Locality member and a trustee, feel free to sign up!

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