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Jul 25

Have your say: pitch your idea to create change from the ground up


Locality Convention 2016 delegate

At Locality, all our policy work is member-led – and at Convention 17, we want to go further to put the inspirational work of our members at the heart of our campaigning. So we want to hear our members’ ideas on how to create change from the ground up. The winning idea, chosen by delegates, will then be taken forward into our national campaigning work.

We live in a time of huge challenges – from rising inequality and insecure work, to growing social isolation and a declining natural environment. For many years, it has felt that politics isn’t really offering any answers of sufficient scale to the problems we face and this feeling has been intensified by ongoing political instability.

But even in times of the utmost uncertainty, we know that we can rely on the incredible resourcefulness of our communities. Locality members have shown, time and again, that rather than looking upwards for answers, we need to do all we can to harness the power of community and enable local people to find the solutions to their own problems in their own way.

Locality’s policy work is all about supporting communities – taking the innovative work of our members and giving it a platform in national policy debates; and trying to influence the policy environment so that it supports community organisations to do what they do best.

Over the last year, we’ve focused our policy work around four core areas:

  • Greater community ownership of assets: We want a £1bn Community Asset Investment Plan, to enable more community organisations to own and manage local assets and secure the future of our most important community buildings
  • Continued devolution of power: We believe devolution should strengthen community involvement in local decision-making – and our Commission on the Future of Localism will make recommendations later this year on how to do it
  • Keeping public services local: We’re making the case that commissioning local organisations can create more responsive services that deliver better outcomes, reduce costs, invest in the local economy and build a stronger community
  • A better Brexit for communities: Our new Future Places Network is putting Locality members at the heart of the debate about the future of the country after we leave the EU.

We try and put members at the heart of everything we do – from our member policy networks on health and well being, community-led housing and Brexit to our action research on economic resilience and our Places and Spaces campaign. But we want to go further and at Locality Convention ’17 – we want to hear from you!

Our final plenary session will focus on ‘One idea to create change from the ground up’. From now until the end of September, we want you to pitch your big idea to transform communities. It could be a recent initiative that’s really been having impact; a new project you’d like to get off the ground; something you used to do whose time has come again. It could be something that will help us take our four policy priority areas to the next level. It could be something entirely different.

Your ideas should be:

  • Innovative – and this could mean something that has worked well in the past that risks being forgotten
  • Eye-catching – make your ideas stand out from the crowd
  • Easy to communicate – so we can quickly persuade people
  • Practical – so it creates real change and makes a tangible difference
  • Place-based and community-led – because that’s what we do
  • Applicable in other neighbourhoods – it’s all about building a movement

We’ll be selecting four of the best ideas from our members, which could be used in our policy work going forward and asking them to pitch them at the final plenary session at Convention. We’re assembling a high profile panel of ‘Dragons’ to assess your ideas before we open up to an audience vote. Whichever idea proves most popular, we’ll then take forward into our campaigning work and put it on the political agenda nationally and locally.

To pitch us your ideas, please complete the following survey – and we will be in touch!

Complete the survey here: 

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