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Jun 21

The Place Station and Building Calculator

Assets, Innovation

Today we’re launching two groundbreaking new online tools to help you map and manage your community assets.

The Place Station

The Place Station is an innovative site which allows you to map land and buildings that are valued by local residents. It also invites you to add or find assets and encourages private sector professionals to offer their support to help get projects off the ground.

Building Calculator

The Building Calculator offers communities the professional know-how to work out the long-term costs of a building. Using the most up-to-date building component data, and the whole life costing methodology employed by surveyors and construction professionals, this easy-to-use tool enables communities to plan ahead for future building maintenance and replacement costs.

Complementing Locality’s ongoing support to communities, these tools will contribute to making the new Rights contained in the Localism Act (2011) a reality.