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Feb 26

Our response to the Transforming Rehabilitation consultation paper


Locality has submitted a response to the Ministry of Justice’s Transforming Rehabilitation consultation paper, containing its plans to change the probation service.

The consultation paper sets out the government’s plans to reform the delivery of offender supervision in the community. It proposes to introduce competition into the probation service, contracting out the supervision of offenders to private firms and voluntary and community organisations.

Locality’s response sets out our key suggestions to alter and improve these plans, which, in their current form, we strongly believe risk creating a monopoly favouring large private sector companies.

Our key suggestions are for a smaller area/contract size; and for a two-stage bidding process.

We feel these crucial changes would give smaller, local organisations such as Locality’s members a genuine chance to be part of the bidding process. Local organisations are able to offer an integrated approach – tackling not just probation but related issues such as drug and alcohol addiction or mental health problems – and offer a highly valuable and cost-effective service.

Read the full Locality response to Transforming Rehabilitation consultation paper.