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Mar 12

Tens-of-thousands mobilised!

Community Organisers

We are celebrating the incredible achievements of our Community Organisers, Volunteers, Hosts and Employers in the last four years of the Programme.

We have exceeded the targets agreed with our funders and, more importantly, we continue to have lasting impacts on neighborhoods all around England.

community organisers mobilise tens of thousands

Since the start of the Programme in 2011 we have mobilised more than 20,000 people to make the change they want to see in their neighbourhoods. Our Community Organisers have put in more than 500,000 hours supporting the excellent work in communities.

The targets agreed with our funders, the Cabinet Office, to recruit 5000 Community Organisers (COs) and Volunteers have been exceeded! Over 5500 COs and Volunteers have helped create social and political change through collective action over the last four years. We have supported around 1,500 community projects, knocked on hundreds-of-thousands of doors, listened to more than 125,000 people and helped people in more than 400 communities.

Check out our Infographic celebrating all our brilliant stats here.

Tony Armstrong, Locality CEO, said:

“Community Organisers make a difference to neighbourhoods all over the country and, since the beginning of the programme, they have supported around 1,500 new community projects and actions, mobilising tens-of-thousands of people to make the change they want to see on their own doorsteps. The programme has been a huge success and in every corner of the country our Community Organisers listen to what people in the community want, need, fear or dream of and work with them to improve their own lives and neighbourhoods, impacting on individuals, on neighbourhoods and on whole communities.”

There are many stories that show the impact of community organising on neighbourhoods all around England. Some of them are featured in our special Celebrating our success video

Others stories include:

The story by Community Organiser Maaike from Lincoln who has mobilised more than 100 volunteers to develop a range of community projects.

Maaike said:

“Over 1,000 residents have been listened to in Lincoln. New relationships have been established between people and a number of successful projects, events and initiatives have been led by them to improve their neighbourhoods. Residents are now developing plans of action and partnership-building on the network to create meaningful and lasting change. It is exciting to see communities making the change that they want to see.”

Community Organiser Najeeda in Wakefield writes about how renovating a derelict space and helping a vulnerable young woman empowered a community to reclaim their voice.

Senior Community Organiser Alex is supporting change in Southampton: one project leads to others being formed and developing a wider network of leaders has the power to transform neighbourhoods.

Many other stories can be found in our Stories page.

The programme in its current form will end this summer and a legacy organisation, Community Organisers Ltd – or CoCo – will launch to take the reins of the Community Organising movement and ensure it flourishes.

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    Please can you support us with resources as we have CO , and volunteers and need some funding to develop professionally

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