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Jul 19

Transforming St Werburgh’s community space with Endsleigh

St Werburghs Community Centre was the winner of Endsleigh Insurance’s prize of £1,000 and volunteering hours at last year’s Annual Convention.

They used the prize to contribute to their wider Webuzz Webuzz Garden project, which is transforming the car park and gardens at St Werburgh’s Community Centre in Bristol.

Volunteers from Endsleigh at St Warburghs

It was St Werburgh’s plans for landscaping, improving access, moving the recycling area and providing interactive play equipment, outdoor seating space, a sensory garden, and educational displays in their community space that caught the attention of the Endleigh panel. On 23 June 2017, a team of Endsleigh volunteers spent the day painting a bean stalk, putting up signs and building picnic benches as part of the wider Webuzz project.

The bean stalk & numbers Horley Rd 2

St Werburghs Community Centre is situated in the Bristol’s inner city on the border of Easton and St Werburghs, and receives over 77,000 individual visits per year. In 2010, the centre completed a £1m Capital Project – which involved refurbishment of the main Victorian former school building and construction of a new eco-friendly four-room annexe.

Following the launch, they undertook extensive community consultations involving over 500 service users and local residents. One of the areas identified by the community was the lack of accessible, safe outdoor space. The Werbuzz Werbuzz project was established to create an accessible, welcoming and interactive outdoor community space, which provides meaningful volunteering opportunities for local people, encourages community engagement, and can be used by local people as an outdoor recreational and educational space. They received a grant of £10,000 through Big Lottery’s ‘Awards for All’ fund for the initial stages, and Endsleigh’s prize has further contributed to this large scale project.

“Thank you to Endsleigh for their help last Friday! It’s been a great day and we followed up with more work on Saturday so we now have a fig tree and a pear tree in front of the notice boards you helped install.” Goska Ong, Centre Director


Martin, Clive and Matt with Drills

“We were delighted to spend a day helping St Werburghs Community Centre with their Werbuzz project. It was rewarding for the Endsleigh team to support such a valuable community project.” Martin Taylor, Niche Commercial Development Manager.

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