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Members with expertise on this topic:

  1. Earth Doctors Ltd

    NE41 8DT

    Earth Doctors Ltd is a social enterprise which aims to 'release the potential for communities to innovate own and develop carbon reduction projects that build sustainable communities.’ and to creat…

  2. Fenland Area Community Enterprise Trust

    PE15 8PH

    FACET is a development trust, with a remit to further the aims in particular of people with any form of disability living in the Fenland area of Cambridgeshire. As part of our work, we operate a socia…

  3. Involved (Salford)

    M7 1XU

    Involved (Salford) became a community cooperative in Feb 2014. They seek to be a social enterprise creating community enterprise. A member- led community organisation that seeks to encourage econom…

  4. Lynemouth Community Trust

    NE61 5YJ

    Established in 1999 the Trust has had a significant impact on the village. The resource centre, in the centre of the village, is owned by the Trust and is the base for most of its work. The Trust runs…