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Offenders, ex-offenders and their families

Members with expertise on this topic:

  1. 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning

    SE24 0JT

    198 Contemporary Arts and Learning is a space for the exhibition of visual arts and digital media education which opened in December 1988, contributing to the regeneration of Brixton following the rac…

  2. Action West London

    W3 8SB

    Action West London is an expanding West London charity, Development Trust, Limited Liability Company and social enterprise. Action West London’s core objective is to “promote economic and communit…

  3. Himmat

    HX1 5NX

    The Himmat Project was established in 1991, supported by a grant from the Home Office. In 1996 they became a charity and a company limited by guarantee, with funding from multiple local and national s…

  4. The Cedarwood Trust

    NE29 7QT

    The Cedarwood Trust is a pastoral care organisation which has grown alongside the community of the Meadow Well Estate to support and encourage cohesion whilst providing a mouthpiece for those most dis…