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Commercial and residential lettings

Members with expertise on this topic:

  1. Blyth Valley Enterprise Ltd

    NE24 3AG

    Blyth Valley Enterprise Ltd manages a community enterprise centre that has for the last decade worked to help develop community based enterprise and various side projects in an area of severe depravat…

  2. Community Campus 87 Ltd

    TS18 1UU

    Community Campus is a community based social enterprise formed in 1987 and has been working ever since to develop housing and opportunities for young homeless people in the area. Community Campus prov…

  3. Giroscope Limited

    HU3 6BH

    Giroscope is a housing project based in Hull established in 1985 which brings empty property back into use as affordable housing or low cost workshop/office space, using a purchase and renovate model.…

  4. Hartlepool NDC Trust

    TS24 7QT

    Hartlepool NDC Trust is a registered charity, established in 2008 to support the regeneration initiatives of the New Deal programme and sustainable community enterprise activity. Vision: A resil…

  5. Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust

    TN34 1DT

    Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust aims to create and protect affordable spaces to live and work. In the White Rock area we aim to buy property into community ownership in order to cap rents in pe…

  6. Hebden Bridge Community Association

    HX7 7BY

    Hebden Bridge Community Association is a member-controlled charitable organisation with about 500 members. Their vision was to make the Town Hall, Hebden Bridge much more than just a building, they wa…

  7. Tiber Community Building


    Based in one of the most disadvantaged areas of the country, Tiber works to ensure that members of the local community, and in particular young people, are provided with opportunities that enable them…