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Property development

Members with expertise on this topic:

  1. Back on the Map

    SR2 8RH

    Back on the Map is the successor body to the New Deal for Communities programme for Hendon and was formed as a Limited Company in 2004, becoming a registered Charity in 2010. BotM has 3 Strategi…

  2. Bournemouth 2026 Trust

    BH5 1LX

    Bournemouth 2026 Trust is both a Community Development Trust and a Community Land Trust, and has members from across the town. It was originally set up as a partnership in 2000 and developed into a T…

  3. Centre at Threeways

    HX3 5SX

    Centre at Threeways is a new and emerging community organisation which exists to work in partnership across North Halifax to deliver and facilitate social impact.

  4. Chapeltown Development Trust

    LS7 1AB

    Chapeltown Development Trust is an emerging development trust. Incorporated in September 2009, we are a fledgling organization with big ideas! Their mission it to promote the economic, social and envi…

  5. Community Campus 87 Ltd

    TS18 1UU

    Community Campus is a community based social enterprise formed in 1987 and has been working ever since to develop housing and opportunities for young homeless people in the area. Community Campus prov…

  6. Fitzrovia Trust Ltd

    SW17 9SH

    The Fitzrovia Trust acquires mixed use properties with a view to promoting the conversion of the residential parts to high quality affordable housing by working closely with councils and housing assoc…

  7. Friends of Stretford Public Hall

    M32 0LG

    The group's vision is to transform Stretford Public Hall into a multi-purpose cultural venue that is owned and run by the community. This will be an ambitious social enterprise that brings the heart b…

  8. Giroscope Limited

    HU3 6BH

    Giroscope is a housing project based in Hull established in 1985 which brings empty property back into use as affordable housing or low cost workshop/office space, using a purchase and renovate model.…

  9. Goole Development Trust

    DN14 5AQ

    Goole Development Trust are a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise company limited by guarantee. Their mission is to help the economic, social and environmental regeneration of Goole and the surroun…

  10. Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust


    Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust aims to create a thriving, vibrant mixed community, building on the existing creativity, energy and commitment within the community, where people from all walk…