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Members with expertise on this topic:

  1. ACCM (UK)

    MK40 1EG

    ACCM (UK) was set up in 2008, in response to concerns and problems faced by girls and women, residing in the UK, of African, Asian and Middle East background who have been, or are at risk of being sub…

  2. Ambleside Parish Centre

    LA22 0DH

    Located in the heart of the Lake District, the award winning Ambleside Parish Centre is a superb venue for use by both those living locally and those coming from further afield. With breathtaking view…

  3. Ashiana Community Project

    B11 1LP

    Ashiana Community Project's aim is to promote 'community aspirations' by supporting individuals reach their potential and contribute to society. Our approach is client centred by offering meaningful…

  4. Barton Hill Settlement

    BS5 0AX

    Barton Hill Settlement is a community resource centre for Barton Hill and the surrounding area. Barton Hill is a diverse inner city area in the east of Bristol, England. The Settlement is an independe…

  5. BatleySmile CIC

    WF17 0LZ

    BatleySmile is seeking to develop a variety of community, arts and cultural initiatives supporting the wellbeing of local residents and organisations, to revive, sustain, develop and promote Batley 

  6. Bishop Creighton House Settlement

    SW6 7PH

    Bishop Creighton House have been providing services for the people of Hammersmith and Fulham since 1908. Today, alongside a thriving community centre, they run a range of social care projects and spec…

  7. Bromley by Bow Centre

    E3 3HN

    The Bromley by Bow Centre is an innovative community organisation in East London, working in one of the most deprived wards in the UK. Each week they support families, young people and adults of all a…

  8. Centre 81

    NR30 1QR

    Centre 81 works with people with physical and/or sensory disabilities who live in or around the Great Yarmouth area. Centre 81 is much more focused on their ability than their disability - and how to …

  9. CoolTan Arts

    SE17 1RS

    CoolTan Arts are an arts in mental health charity with over 20 years’ experience supporting adults with mental distress. They run a community arts centre in Walworth Road, Southwark. They offer crea…

  10. Doncaster Central Development Trust

    DN1 1AF

    Doncaster Central Trust is a resident-led Community Interest Company. A sustainable social enterprise, it renovates housing for rent; is developing a huge former college building, Church View, for th…