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Offender and ex-offender support

Members with expertise on this topic:

  1. Escape Family Support

    NE24 2JR

    Escape Family Support Ltd is a registered charity that aims to provide support, counselling and educational information for drug users, their families and carers and where possible mediate between the…

  2. Giroscope Limited

    HU3 6BH

    Giroscope is a housing project based in Hull established in 1985 which brings empty property back into use as affordable housing or low cost workshop/office space, using a purchase and renovate model.…

  3. Hastings Pier Charity

    TN34 1JU

    The Hastings Pier Charity, formerly a Registered Charity and CLG, is now a Community Benefit Society (Bencom) with exempt Charity status. The Charity will undertake the restoration and maintenance of …

  4. Meadow Well Connected

    NE29 6BA

    Meadow Well Connected was established in 1994 and today is the Resource Centre at the hub of the community in the two most deprived wards in North Tyneside, Riverside and Chirton. With the mission …

  5. Medway Citizens Advice

    ME7 4PF

    We have served the community in Medway for over 70 years and specialise in over 23 projects , these include - Debt -Family - Housing - Welfare Reform

  6. PLC Activities Club (Vee’s Place)

    L34 5SH

    PLC Activities Club (Vee's Place) provides a facility where people from all income brackets and all walks of life are able to come together to build a stronger community. They encourage community memb…

  7. Safe Productions

    L20 4AP

    Established in 2000, SAFE Productions Ltd (Supporting Arts For Everyone) is a social enterprise with a great reputation for public arts projects across Education, Urban Regeneration and Social Housin…

  8. Southmead Development Trust

    BS10 5PY

    The Greenway Centre is a business centre and a local community hub in Southmead, north Bristol. Its business centre offers competitive rates and boasts a wide range of facilities and available venues.…

  9. The Cedarwood Trust

    NE29 7QT

    The Cedarwood Trust is a pastoral care organisation which has grown alongside the community of the Meadow Well Estate to support and encourage cohesion whilst providing a mouthpiece for those most dis…

  10. The Foxton Centre


    The Foxton Centre is a Christian based organisation, working with and for people of all faiths and of none. The Foxton Centre aims to work with the most marginalised communities in Preston to provide …