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Community assets are land and buildings owned or managed by community organisations.  Locality members have a long history of using asset-based development to achieve long term social, economic, and environmental improvements to their local area


  1. Nov 19

    Authority comes only from the people

    At the Locality Convention last week Bernadette McAliskey quoted Tom Paine’s “Rights of Man”, reminding us...

  2. Oct 28

    Notwithstanding fire and storm

    You can buy shares in Hastings Pier, for as little as £100. It’s about restoring a town, and the pride and hopefulness of the people who live there.


  1. May 13

    Locality Brokers – East of England

    A regional event for groups about to engage in a community asset development project – whether...

  2. May 21

    Webinar: Acquiring and developing an asset

    Locality webinar on how to acquire a building for your local community