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The Asset Transfer Unit (ATU) promotes and supports community asset transfer – the transfer of land and buildings from public bodies to community and voluntary organisations.

The Asset Transfer Unit

The ATU was established to promote and support community asset transfer. Put simply, asset transfer is a shift in management and/or ownership of land or buildings, from public bodies, (most commonly local authorities), to communities, (community and voluntary sector groups, community enterprises, social enterprises, etc).

Community ownership and management of assets is not new. It has a well-documented history going back hundreds of years.

In recent years, the momentum behind community asset transfer has gathered pace with increasing recognition of the contribution it can make to the development of a strong and vibrant civil society.

For further information and resources geared specifically to local authorities and other statutory agencies, please check out the links on the left of this page.

Have a look at our case studies of Locality members owning and managing property assets.

For detailed guidance for community and voluntary organisations exploring options for community asset transfer, please visit our Community Rights website.