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Doncaster CDT

Church View is a big Edwardian building, once an art college, owned by Locality member Doncaster Community Development Trust.

The college closed in 2006 and Church View was bought by Doncaster CDT, with the aim of turning it into a community arts hub. However the process of renovating it was arduous, difficult and most of all expensive. Much of the building was gutted, ready for a renovation process that never took place.

But Doncaster CDT hasn’t let the View stand idle. Although it’s stripped and empty, they’ve discovered that this stark and cavernous building is much in demand as a location for fashion shoots and videos.

still from Editor video in Church View
Still from Editor’s Marching Orders video

Rock band Editors filmed the video for their latest song Marching Orders there. Plus lots of other bands, photographers and designers have used this interesting and somewhat eerie space.