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Marsden Mechanics Hall

Locality member Marsden Community Trust is taking ownership of the historic Marsden Mechanics Hall in Yorkshire.

Members of Kirklees Council voted unanimously to transfer the Victorian hall into community ownership.

marsden mechanics hall

The beautiful Marsden Mechanics Hall is the hub of the village of Marsden in West Yorkshire, with a long tradition of providing space for events and for the local community to meet. However the future of the hall fell under threat when the council announced it wasn’t able to continue to fund the upkeep of the building.

Marsden Community Trust formed in 2014 with the aim of securing the hall by taking it into community ownership, via a community asset transfer.

With help and support from Locality, the Trust worked up a strong plan to make the Mechanics Hall a sustainable enterprise, which will both continue to serve the local community and also bring in revenue.

They have drawn up a fit for purpose staffing structure supported by local volunteers, and based their business plan on further anchor tenants in the building as well as an enhanced arts/cultural programme in the main hall.

How we helped

Locality’s team was proud to help and support our members the Marsden Community Trust in a number of ways:

  • We helped them set up the new organisation with to our model guidance
  • We helped them develop their ideas into a three year business plan
  • We supported them to get access to feasibility studies funding, participation into the COMA programme and in the popular Kirklees asset transfer network which Kirklees Council (an associate member) helps fund.