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The Carriageworks

The Carriageworks, Bristol. Empty since 1979.


Large Grade II* listed building part of a larger derelict site, seen as Bristol’s worst eyesore after being left empty since the late 1970s.

Built in 1862, the ground floor arches were originally open for use by John Perry & Sons carriages.

The Carriageworks Action Group was formed in 2011 and the following year the council agreed to use CPO powers and Knightstone housing association was named as the preferred develop. However in 2014 a new developer, Fifth Capital, acquired a controlling interest and their suggestion that a new planning application will be submitted ‘in the next few weeks’ (Nov 2014) has effectively stopped progress towards CPO. The owner, Comer Homes, have prevented access to allow a valuation.

Community solution

Carriageworks Action Group

One comment

  1. Valerie Bayliss

    Posted 21/01/15 at 2:50 pm  |  Permalink

    The Carriageworks are not only a rare survival of E W Godwin’s work; they are a rare survival of an integrated carriage manufactory and showroom of its period. Very few indeed of these once fairly common buildings still exist. I understand the desirability of bringing the building back into use and also that it is effectively a shell; but there is nothing in this application which recognises its importance to Bristol’s, and indeed the nation’s, industrial history. Not good enough.

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