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Leas Club Pavilion

Leas Club Pavilion, Folkestone. Tea Rooms: closed in 2006.


A rare example of a purpose-built Edwardian high class tearoom. Built 1902 with terracotta frontage and Art Nouveau features, during WW1 farewell concerts were held for the troops embarking for France.

From the mid-1920s untll 1984, the Leas Club Pavilion was a professional repertory theatre, as well as tea rooms.

The land is owned by the Folkestone Estate and leased to Warburtons who ran it as a successful family pub until 2006. They have sub-leased to Churchgate Developers. A 2008 planning application was for a leisure centre with 68 flats above (and 25 off-site affordable units).

With no progress so far in difficult market conditions, the application has been mothballed with a provisional approval. Meanwhile the site continues to deteriorate and there is no sign of serious repairs underway.

Community solution

Go Folkestone

and the New Folkestone Society


  1. Nicholas Reed

    Posted 26/12/14 at 5:40 pm  |  Permalink

    If you would like the latest information since the Cado conference of October 2014, please write to me. Since then, we were able to show the inside of the Club to a prospective user. He already runs a theatre elsewhere in East Kent, but also uses those premises for a wide variety of purposes, mainly adult education. He seems interested in doing the same in Folkestone. So we need to see if the Leas Club’s permitted use can be expanded, and if there is a hope of grants for this Grade 2 Listed Building.

    • Graham Burgess

      Posted 31/12/15 at 9:15 am  |  Permalink

      have you thought of approaching Wetherspoons re part involvement ?

    • Tina

      Posted 17/05/16 at 6:10 pm  |  Permalink

      I would like to find out more and how I could get involved. Could you please let me know who I should contact.

      Many Thanks

  2. anonymous

    Posted 30/01/17 at 2:21 am  |  Permalink

    If the restrictions on the building wernt so tight it would make an amazing night venue with also the potential to be a lovely day time cocktail venue and show bar . But it being so historical it restricts any changes to interior or exterior or modernisation, hence why I have no interest in the property . If it was a different story I would be more than happy to invest and bring it back to life in a more modern way for this generation of people.

  3. Melanie Jeffrey

    Posted 12/02/17 at 6:29 pm  |  Permalink

    It is sad to see this gorgeous building go to ruin, it would make a wonderful Gin Palace/Cocktail Bar and with the stage etc could have live music Electro swing/Jazz etc. I wish I had the ability to transform the place!

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