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London Road Fire Station

London Road Fire Station, Manchester. Fire station: Empty since 1991


A massive, beautiful golden-red building with incredible detailing. A hymn to Victorian public-mindedness located within yards of Manchester Piccadilly station.

Built between 1904 and 1906 the fire station was conceived by fire chief George Parker who described it as ‘the finest in the world’, it also housed a police station, ambulance station and firemen and their families. It took its last emergency call in 1986.

Bought by Brittania Hotels but left empty ever since. In 2011 Manchester City Council attempted but lost a CPO when the owner argued they were about to develop it, but immediately afterwards announced that it was ‘unviable’ for the foreseeable future. The costs of the CPO were awarded against Manchester City Council by the Secretary of State.

Friends of LRFS have brought the building back into the public eye and the council are now considering a second CPO attempt.

Community solution

Friends of London Road Fire Station



  1. Emma

    Posted 22/12/14 at 10:50 pm  |  Permalink

    Great Christmas News and brilliant success for Friends of London Road Fire Station and CADO. Manchester City Council is pursuing a second Comiulsory Purchase Order on the Fire Station. We made representation at today’s Executive meeting and are quoted in the Manchester Evening News. Council representatives will meet with us in the new year.

  2. Emma

    Posted 22/12/14 at 10:51 pm  |  Permalink

    For technical info about the Manchester Executive meeting and the London Road CPO please see meeting broadcast here 16mins in-

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