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Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall, Sheffield. Town Hall & Law Courts: Empty since 1997

CADO-06-Sheffield-Old-Town-HallHistoric and imposing, Sheffield’s first town hall. Crucial to the regeneration of the Castlegate area.

Also served as a Magistrates Court from early on, later became the Crown Court and underground tunnels were added linking it to Sheffield Police Offices. This was the location of the 1867 Royal Commission which led to the legalisation of Trade Unions.

The building had already been empty for eight years when it was bought from central government by G1 London Properties, a small private company.

There were no loans secured on the building at March 2013 but the value of the company’s assets seems to fluctuate significantly from year to year.

A new group, Friends of Old Town Hall has been established to consider a range of uses. The nearby National Emergency Services Museum is interested in expanding into the building.

Watch the short film by the Friends of the Old Town Hall

Community solution

Friends of the Old Town Hall

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  1. Carol Stevens

    Posted 16/02/15 at 8:23 pm  |  Permalink

    It could part of it become a mini theatre, Or an eatery of some sort. What about fitting it out to run courses of different kinds and set up workshops. It would serve well as an art and or craft gallery Maybe part of it could be a children’s center with day care facilities. And of course a museum; call it The Museum of Legal Eagles, guess what that would cover? And we must have a Costa coffee shop and perhaps turn part of it into a book shop. But what ever happens please don’t turn it into a supermarket!

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