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Locality is hosting the campaign for a Community Allowance. The idea is to enable community organisations to pay unemployed people for part-time work without it disrupting their benefits.

It’s the quickest and most obvious way out of the benefits trap which affects thousands of people and holds back communities.

It’s vital that the Government adopts the Community Allowance – it solves two major issues:

The benefits trap

At the moment most people on benefits can’t take on ‘mini-jobs’ (part-time work of less than 16 hours a week) without being worse off than if they had stayed on benefits. Plus it can take months to readjust the benefits once the work has finished, often making it hard for people to pay their rent or feed their family.

Help for community organisations

Community organisations are in dire need of people to take on community projects through part-time or sessional work. However the benefits trap stops unemployed people from taking on these mini-jobs, holding back communities that could develop jobs, change lives and create much needed local services.