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Keep it Local

Keep it Local

for better services

Faced with limited choices when it comes to providing quality, cost-effective public services, commissioners are being pushed into inefficient, centralised services and mega contracts in a bid to answer austerity’s challenges.

But there is a better way: Our Keep it Local campaign calls for locally-commissioned and delivered public services which provide substantially better outcomes and value than standardised, one-size-fits-all services.

Public service commissioners face greater challenges

A combination of austerity, mounting demand and rising expectations is leading to greater and greater challenges for public service commissioners.

They are pressured to make savings on contracts or stay within restrictive budgets and many have turned to upscaling, outsourcing and centralisation in a bid to meet the demands placed on them.

But a belief in the economies of scale and standardisation of services is the problem, not the solution, driving down quality and driving up costs.

Community-focused services – cost-effective solutions

Community-focused services commissioned and delivered at a local level and built around the needs of local people are more responsive to local and individual needs and provide more cost-effective solutions.

We want public service commissioners to look at new ways of working, designing services at a local level with input from the community to be delivered by organisations which know and understand the people and needs of the area.

Read the Keep it Local campaign report.