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About Keep it Local

Increasing pressure on public services coupled with recent austerity measures has fostered a belief that public service efficiency can only be driven by a combination of centralising, outsourcing and standardisation of services.

All too often commissioners’ hands are forced into packaging services up into standard price, one-size-fits all mega contracts delivered by large national providers which fail to meet people’s needs and waste money.

Keep it Local campaign

Budgets have been slashed

Cuts to local authority budgets are already bone deep as 40% was slashed over the last parliament and there will be £3.5bn worth of further cuts to government departments by 2020.

And things are only set to get harder…

The phasing out of the revenue support grant means that local authorities are expected to become self-sufficient, raising revenue though business rates. And no one yet knows what life after Brexit has in store.

Community anchor organisations frozen out

Our members have told us that because of the trend for packaging up services into mega deals many public service contracts are out of reach for them, despite the fact that many have vital local knowledge and expertise.

Pioneering local authorities are finding better solutions

We are working with Calderdale, Wigan and Shropshire councils to pioneer new ways of working which prioritise local commissioning and delivery, leading to improved services for local people and savings for councils.

Locality members are also teaming up with each other, and with local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and other commissioning bodies to take a place-based approach and revolutionise public services, providing people-focused, holistic services which really benefit communities.

Five ways to Keep it Local

Commissioners following our five key principles will provide services which are more responsive to local and individual need, are more cost-effective and help to focus resources on early intervention:

1. Taking a place-based approach
2. Demonstrating social value
3. Committing to building community capacity
4. Imposing a maximum value on contracts so as not to exclude smaller, local providers
5. Involving local people through co-design.

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