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Jake – Keep it Local case study

Jake’s grandmother asked children’s services for advice about Jake’s difficult behaviour in January 1998. Although an initial assessment was carried out, the case was closed after seven days.

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This was the start of a over a decade of contact, meetings and assessments with social workers, children’s services, GPs, teachers, and the police.

By 2009, Jake’s grandma had experienced a breakdown. Jake himself was admitted to a specialist mental health unit, and upon release was regularly in trouble with the police.

By 2010 he had been moved into supported housing.

There is a better way

The Keep it Local campaign is all about creating better public services, which actually meet the needs of people like Jake, by delivering care via local organisations – not large national companies.

A local organisation, based in the community and responsible for the care of Jake and his grandma would have delivered better, stronger support to the family than the conveyor belt of different teams, services and professionals.

Let’s Keep it Local!