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Ruth – Keep it Local case study

Ruth was a victim of domestic violence, and became a mother of six children with three different fathers.

Between 1996 and 2012 Ruth experienced 129 different interactions with public-sector agencies.

woman crying in bedroom

From running a successful business with her first husband, she deteriorated to the point where she was plagued by ill health, her children had been removed from her and she had become entirely dependent on the public purse.

Comparing the actual costs of her mismanagement by various public service bodies against the estimated amount it would have cost to help solve her problems showed a difference of £86,000.

There is a better way

With Keep it Local we are campaigning to protect people like Ruth from the damaging failures of our current system. Public services could and should have helped her. Instead they condemned her to endless assessments and interventions – none of which halted her decline.

If Ruth had had services and support from a local organisation, rooted in the community, which knew her and her family – there is no doubt she would have had a better outcome. Let’s Keep it Local!