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Read our groundbreaking report

The ‘Saving money by doing the right thing’ report underpins the Keep it Local campaign. It is the most comprehensive study ever carried out on the demand placed on public services in the UK.

Locality, with Professor John Seddon of Vanguard, published this groundbreaking report on how we can improve public service delivery in 2014.

Read the Keep it Local campaign report.

Read the full Saving money by doing the right thing report.

Diseconomies of scale

The report shows that the way our public services are currently delivered is quite extraordinarily wasteful and inefficient.

Local authorities award contracts to deliver public services – such as social care, child care,  hospitals, refuse and recycling – to large national companies. These companies take a standardised, one-size-fits-all approach. This tick-box approach:

  1. Fails to address people’s complex and individual needs
  2. Creates artificial increased demand on services, as people come back time and again for help when their needs aren’t met
  3. Massively increases costs, with endless assessments, repeat referrals and red tape.