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Community enterprise

Our unique approach to helping community enterprises means we give support at each stage of the journey using the SOAR model. We have a track record of developing new and existing community enterprises that drive positive social change.


  1. Apr 10

    Fun palaces

    In the late 1950s Joan Littlewood and architect Cedric Price began considering the idea of a...

  2. Mar 31

    Innovation needs a bit of crazy

    Let's allow space for innovation in the non-profit sector


  1. Jul 16

    Webinar: Auto-enrolment: practical advice, guidance and pension solutions – with Endsleigh (for Locality members)

    This webinar (for Locality members only) will explain the new legislation requiring employers to provide a...

  2. Sep 24

    Webinar: Community enterprise start-ups: key considerations

    Better understand the key elements to consider when setting up a new community enterprise to generate...