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Green Ventures Bikes

Green Ventures Bikes saves broken-down old bikes destined for landfill, reconditions them and sells them from their not-for-profit shop.

The money they make goes back to support local community organisation the Keystone Development Trust.

Since opening in 2009 Green Ventures Bikes has repaired and sold over 3,000 bikes – and rescued over 100 tonnes of bikes and parts from landfill.

Green Ventures Bikes
Bikes at the landfill site

The venture employs three members of staff, all trained and qualified bike mechanics. Jim Strutton is the project co-ordinator.

Jim said: “We get our bikes from local waste recycling centres. They put the bikes to one side for us and we come and collect them every two or three weeks.

“We take anything that’s there, from a single wheel to a whole bike. Often they’re rusted and in a complete state of disrepair. We take them to the workshop and do whatever needs doing to them to fix them up and get them in a safe and usable condition.”

Green Ventures Bikes before and after repairs
A bike before and after repairs

The reconditioned bikes are sold from their shop in Thetford, Norfolk, and also on ebay.

Reconditioned bikes at Green Ventures Bikes shop
The Green Ventures Bike shop

Jim said: “We sell around 15 bikes per month. The other side of the business is customer repairs – we carry a lot of spare parts and we repair bikes which people bring in.”

You can find more details about Green Ventures Bikes on the Locality marketplace.