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Homebaked of Anfield

Located in the shadow of Anfield football ground, community-run bakery Homebaked makes sure no one goes hungry on match day (or any other day).

Homebaked bakery cafe liverpoolThe counter of the Homebaked cafe

Their most famous pie is the Scouse, containing the lamb or beef stew known colloquially as ‘Scouse’. And the Shankly – a steak, bacon and mushroom pie named after legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly.

pies at homebakedPies baked ready for match day

Locality member Homebaked was set up in 2012 by a group of local activists and residents who wanted to reopen Mitchell’s Bakery. Mitchell’s was where Homebaked’s cafe and bakery is now, and had served the Anfield community for 85 years before the owners shut up shop, and the building was earmarked for demolition.

The bakery wasn’t the only thing people wanted to change. It’s the keystone of an ambitious, exciting plan to create affordable local housing, community space and to bring life back into Anfield, a neighbourhood which has suffered profoundly from lack of investment.

Many of the red brick terraces in the local area were due to be demolished and new housing built, as part of the disastrous Liverpool Housing Market Renewal Initiative. But the scheme stalled in 2008, leaving entire streets boarded up and empty. So at the same time as forming the bakery, campaigners set up its sister organisation Homebaked Community Land Trust.

Right from the start the local community were behind the Homebaked plan and a campaign on Kickstarter and in the local paper helped them raise the funding – initially for a bread oven – to get things going.

bakery class at homebakedBudding bakers celebrate after completing a Homebaked cookery class last Easter

Now it’s a busy and successful community enterprise and co-operative, providing local jobs and good food at affordable prices. And people love the pies.

As the next phase of the scheme Homebaked plan to renovate two flats above the bakery – and after that they’ve got the rows of boarded up houses in their sights.