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LS14 Trust

LS14 Trust in Seacroft is riding an enterprise wave and putting local people at the heart of their business.

They are building a reputation as top notch event organisers, running the local market and expanding facilities including a digital lounge helping people back into work. And there’s no shortage of creativity…

Events to go

Based in what has been described as ‘a challenging part’ of Leeds with high unemployment, LS14 is on a mission to turn things around, to make people proud of where they live.

After running many community dos and Galas, LS14 realised just how good they had become at event organising. They decided to set up their own event management business LS14 Trust Event Hire and received a grant for a new social enterprise with all the profits being reinvested.

With a marquee, van (branded LS14) and PA system, they manage high quality events for Leeds council, commercial and community organisations. They have run festivals and have created a beach for a local sports centre and put on the Seacroft Food and Boot market. Many volunteers go on to lead teams and train others.

LS14 Trust image1

Truly community-led

At their Seacroft food and Boot market, local people not only sell goods, different generations come together. LS14 takes this opportunity to ask what people want for Seacroft – “a happy, vibrant community with activities for all ages” – watch the video.

LS14 has converted an old rent office into a Digital Lounge where local residents can learn computer skills. Chris, an ex-security guard became a volunteer and now provides support to local people in the work club. The lounge is a place for a cup of tea, advice on CVs, and a chat ‘round the kitchen table’ with local companies and the job centres.

LS14 Trust, Digital Lounge

Future plans

LS14 wants to develop further in the core events market. They want to inspire others across Leeds to work creatively in a grass roots way.

They aim to transform the upper floors of their building into a training and enterprise hub where people can make products which are then sold at the food and boot market and elsewhere, boosting the local economy. They want to invite local businesses to share this work space and exchange skills.