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Get support to SOAR

Our role is to help community enterprises to go further and faster. We use the tried and tested SOAR model to support you at each stage of your journey.

To access support from SOAR, please contact Neil Berry,

Many of our services are free of charge. Locality members always receive a discount on services for which we need to charge. For a limited period we will be offering a small number of Locality members the chance to get support from us entirely free.

SOAR covers England only – if you’re in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, our sister organisations can help.

What is the SOAR programme?

SOAR stands for: getting STARTED, getting ORGANISED, ACHIEVING, becoming RESILIENT.

It’s the method we use to provide expert support, guidance and practical advice throughout the process of setting up and running a successful community enterprise.

Getting started

You’re thinking about starting an enterprise, but not sure where to begin. You might be starting from scratch, or you might be part of an existing organisation wanting to change direction. We can offer you help to plan your business and guidance on how to get started.

Our Choosing a legal structure toolkit can help your organisation get off to a strong start.

Getting organised

You have established your enterprise, but you’re still at an early stage. We can help you review your business model and finances to ensure you’ve established strong foundations for success.

Our Fit for Purpose toolkit can be used together with our support, to help you ensure your organisation is in good shape.


Your enterprise is well-established and is developing a good track record. However you need to stay on an upward curve and find new opportunities for growth. We can help you review your services, plan your strategy and offer training on leadership and bidding for contracts.

Our Early Warning Guide can help you spot and deal with potential problems and our Community Contracting Unit can support you to bid for public service contracts.

Becoming resilient

At this stage your enterprise is successful, with an excellent reputation. But this doesn’t mean you can take your foot off the gas. More than ever you need to plan, review and benchmark yourself against the best. We can help your organisation to plan for the long-term and become resilient.

Locality’s Connect For project offers you support on collaborative working.