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What is community enterprise?

The UK has a long and proud tradition of community enterprise. The phrase ‘community enterprise’ goes back many decades, pre-dating the more recent concept of ‘social enterprise’.

Run by a community as well as for a community

Community enterprise is a significant sub-sector within the wider social enterprise sector.

It shares the same definition as social enterprise: an organisation trading for social purpose with profits reinvested rather than going to shareholders.

But a community enterprise is more specific in that it is based in, and provides benefits to a particular local neighbourhood or community of identity.  A community enterprise is owned and managed by members of that community.  It is an organisation run by a community as well as for a community.

Need help to set up and run a community enterprise?

If you would like support to set up and run a community enterprise, Locality can help.

Please contact our Head of Trading for the North,  Neil Berry of Head of Trading South, Phil Tulba or visit our get support page.