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An inclusive movement

We believe that by fully engaging all parts of the community, we stand a better chance of creating a strong and empowered movement.

  • We encourage all Locality members to make sure their board reflects their community
  • Almost 70% of our members have a board consisting of over three quarters of members who live or work in the local area
  • Nearly half of Locality’s members consider people from racial minority communities as one of the main users of their services

BME localism event

However we also know that our services and programmes have not always reached certain groups in our communities, in particular racial minority communities.

How we are creating a more inclusive movement

We are working on four areas:

  • Strengthening Locality’s own approach to diversity – see the Locality diversity strategy
  • Programme of targeted networking and awareness raising events
  • Research into community asset ownership within racial minority communities – read about Project Mali
  • Direct support to a number of racial minority led organisations

A small working group of members (Highfields Community Association, The Race Equality Centre Leicester and The Ubele Initiative) and Locality staff are working together to co-ordinate the events and research.