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Localism Act

Locality is a strong supporter of the spirit of localism. Our members lead the way in the practical delivery of localism, providing a range of social and economic benefits and supporting people to take control of their environment.

The Localism Act

The Localism Act was passed in 2011 and is intended to devolve power from central government to individuals, communities and local councils.

The Act is a key piece of legislation in the government’s drive for decentralisation. The measures set out in the Localism Act include new freedoms for local government, new rights and powers for communities and individuals, reforms to the planning system and reforms about local decisions made in relation to housing.

A key element of the Localism Act is the Community Rights.

The Communities and Local Government Committee held an inquiry into the operation of community rights within the Act. Locality submitted evidence to the inquiry and CEO Tony Armstrong also gave evidence in person. Locality warmly welcome the inquiry’s report and recommendations.

In February 2015 the select committee published its final report on Community Rights. It called for more powers to help local communities – read our press release welcoming the findings.

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