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Hebden Bridge Community Association

Hebden Bridge Town Hall, run by Locality members Hebden Bridge Community Association, has played a massive part in helping people whose homes have been devastated by flooding.

Like many towns and villages in the area, Hebden Bridge in Calderdale, West Yorkshire was hit by unprecedented levels of flooding on Boxing Day. The town stood under six feet of water, destroying hundreds of people’s homes, possessions and businesses.

hebden bridge floodedHebden Bridge streets flooded

After the floods hit, community-owned Hebden Bridge Town Hall opened its doors to become the flood support centre.

Working with Calderdale Council, the Environment Agency and hundreds of volunteers, Hebden Bridge Town Hall has been at the heart of the flood relief operation (despite the fact that the Town Hall itself did not totally escape the flood waters).

Amy Harbour, the Director of Hebden Bridge Community Association, said: “We opened the doors to the Town Hall on 27 December so that the local community could come somewhere dry and have a hot drink. And then it began. People came to help. The help was unconditional; they just needed to do something.

Within four hours of opening we were a hub for cleaning items, a food bank, a place for people to fill out grant applications, a mobile phone charging point, free WiFi provider and giving out free hot food and drinks.”

Read Amy’s blog here.

The reaction from the local community has been amazing, with people working for days to help with the clean-up operation and donating food, clothing, white goods and loads more. The tremendous hard work and generosity shows the true strength of the community.

This article in the Guardian talks about the fantastic community response in Hebden Bridge and across many flood-hit areas in the North – including from Sikh charity Khalsa Aid, who helped from day one by cooking and bringing free food to hundreds in Hebden Bridge and many other places.

aftermath of floods in hebden bridgeAftermath of flooding in Hebden Bridge

On their Facebook page, Hebden Bridge Town Hall said: “We want to say a massive thank you to all the amazing people of this valley and from far beyond, who have worked their socks off to help with the aftermath of the flooding and continue to do so. We’ve had thousands of people through our doors giving their time, graft and skills. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

It’s clear that in return, people appreciate the incredible job which the Town Hall and Hebden Bridge Community Association are doing:

You can support Hebden Bridge and the local area by giving money to the Calderdale Flood Relief Appeal government has agreed to match each donation pound for pound.


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