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What is social action?

Locality believes that communities, organisations and individuals can work together to improve their lives and shape their future.

We believe in social action as a way of achieving this goal. Social action means taking steps to change the things that are wrong in our society and introducing new ideas and processes for doing things better in the future.

Social action is at the heart of our work

Social action and social justice are at the core of everything Locality does. Our vision is a fair and diverse society where every neighbourhood thrives and where local people determine their future together.

Social action informs all of our policy work. Our members work in some of the most deprived and disadvantaged communities in the country. We work hard to make their voices heard by those in power.

Keep it Local

Our Keep it Local campaign is all about locally-facing public services, which truly meet people’s needs – instead of large-scale outsourced contracts.  Our public services are vital, but they are failing us because they are being outsourced to national companies, distant from the communities they are supposed to serve.

There’s a better way – Keep it Local. Community-focused services delivered at a local level that give us what we need, when we need it – delivering services that work for the individual, the community and the taxpayer.